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Dear friends,
After a long inactivity will be back at work with a fresh look in a few days.

The current website, which has not been updated for long time, will be replaced with a totally new version, both in content and design.

First of all, please let me give a bit of an explanation for such a long period of inactivity.
This interval very much explains the content of the revised website.
My own life, as founder and main editor of PrimeItaly, has been rocked by family tragedies, with both my parents passing away in a brief interval during this time.
After my mother's death, I decided to devote all my time to caring for my elderly father to alleviate the pain and distress from this significant and totally unexpected loss. I even dedicated a website to my father ( after his recent passing. I put aside anything to do with my personal life and career in the process. As a result, PrimeItaly was neglected.

However, during this time, I had the opportunity to experience many aspects of the Italian lifestyle, with a more "direct on the field" approach. This meant I was able to experience a closer relationship and enjoy daily contact with the reality of the rural areas and countryside of Italy, including how my country's dietary regime impacts on people's health -- not just the elderly but how diet has affected my own well-being.

Life in the countryside and other experiences will be a central theme of of the renewed website. They will translate into topics such as:
- Italy off-the-beaten-path;
- how to locate and purchase a villa, casale or the ideal property in Italy;
- how to get a real taste of Italy, by visiting, buying and tasting, away from crowds, classic tours and stereotypes in general;
- secrets for following a genuine and healthy Mediterranean diet;
- and many other more niche aspects of the Italian lifestyle, not usually found on most travel websites. will of course continue to offer information on more typical topics including travel, food and wine, purchasing the ideal property, design, fashion and accessories and furniture. is aimed at people looking for all that is exclusive and exciting about Italy. Stay tuned.

- Sergio Grasselli