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How To Learn Italian on the Web

Travellers who have visited Italy might have noted people in that country is not so fluent in English. You could find it very challenging talking to people in the streets when you need any information. Because of that, learning the basics of Italian language could be helpful for those who plan a trip to Italy. The web offers free online tutorials and courses helping people to learn the basics of this language. Even if challenging, you could manage it by yourself.
Internet give you many options even if you need Italian translation. There is a lot of professional human translators on the web, whether freelancers or agencies employing qualified native speaker translators, offering high quality translation services.

Those who opt for learning Italian on the web, at either basic or advanced level, need to practice with native speakers. You can find a lot of websites offering such opportunities.
Try an internet search with keywords such as “Language Exchange Community” or “Practice foreign languages“. You’ll get a list of websites where you’ll find a lot of Italian native speakers who are looking for language exchange partners, particularly English native speakers.
You should choose with care your language partner. Better if you go for people well-trained in the area of language learning. You should choose people who are able to teach you, better if they are language teachers. Sometimes, in their member profile you can also find out their skills and what their job is.

Finally, those who just need to learn quickly basic sentences in Italian to feel themselves more comfortable when travelling to Italy, can opt for phrasebooks.
In the Internet, you can download audio phrasebooks for free. You’ll be able to learn quickly a ton of “Italian for survival” sentences from phrasebooks. That doesn’t mean learning the language, but it will help you when you are asking information to people in the streets or shopping or going to restaurant or driving etc…
Learning with audio phrasebook is not so time consuming, it’s worth a try.

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