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Seaside Holidays in the islands of Southern Europe: Tips, Advice, and Comparisons

The islands of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea are among the favorite travel destinations for vacationers who are looking for seaside holidays in Europe. Travelers could find helpful a comparison about the attractions some of the major islands of Southern Europe offer as well as the best time to visit them.

Below is a short guide that could help vacationers to choose the island better suitable to their holiday needs.

Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Tenerife has a warm tropical climate throughout the year. The temperature averages, between 22° – 24°C in the winter and 26° – 30°C in the summer (with slight variations of 5°C – 10°C between the North and South of the island), make all months favourable for your holidays to Tenerife. As a perfect travel destination for vacationers seeking a winter holiday hot spot, Tenerife sees the peak travel months from December through February. Anyway, in the summer months also the island is pretty crowded particularly with college-age vacationers and young families.
So, the best time to visit Tenerife could be February-May and October-December. You could also enjoy discounted rates in these off-season times.

Ibiza (Balearic Islands)
The busy season in Ibiza is summer and early fall when the weather is hot, humid and sunny. October, November and December are the most rainy months in Ibiza; because of that the island is at its most quiet in this season.
If you want experience the best of night-life in Ibiza — and also beaches packed of tourists — you should opt for summer months. If you want sun, relax and to avoid crowds, you should travel there from February through May.

Due its mild climate Malta, as any other island in the Southern Mediterranean, sees tourists every month of the year. However vacationers who are looking for swimming and beach activities visit the island from May through October. From July to mid-September the temperatures go over 35°C.
Most enjoyable are the months of June and late September with temperatures averaging 30°C. This could be the best time to visit the island, especially for people from North Europe not so prepared to temperatures above 35°C.

Crete (Greek isles)
Even if the temperatures in Crete in the winter months are between 10°C and 15°C, vacationers looking for sunbathing should avoid this season because it is rainy. During the summer months the temperatures are, on average, between 30°C and 35°C. This is the peak-season with beaches crowdy and high rates.
You could better enjoy a visit in the island in the months of September and October, avoiding the crowds, and enjoying waters still warm to swim. Even late April and May are ok, particularly for sunbathing, but you could find the waters a bit cold.

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