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Budget Seaside Holiday Options in the Mediterranean: S.Antioco-Sardinia

With the summer drawing to a close, Southern Europe resorts offer holidaymakers who are looking for sun, beaches and relaxation very affordable options. With the end of high season, hotels drop their rates and travelers have a better chance to enjoy a quiet seaside retreat, away from the peak season crowds.
Travelers who opt for a seaside holiday in the fall in any Southern Europe resorts, can easily find affordable packages.
The web offers a plenty of Cheap Holiday Package Deals to choose from.

Italy, with more than 3000 km of southern coast and its sunny Mediterranean islands offers a plenty of options.

Sardinia is one of the best destinations when it comes to choose a seaside holiday in the Mediterranean in September. As for nightlife activities you may find that the best time to visit Sardinia is July and August, for sun, relaxation, swimming, and seaside activites the best time is late May, June, and September.

And if you want stay away from the tourist crowds but also enjoy some nice beaches and also have a choice of bars and restaurants, the island of Sant’Antioco fits your bill.

Situated in the south western part of Sardinia, Sant’Antioco is connected to the main island by an isthmus.
It offers long nice beaches rocky inlets, great waters, as well as other attractions such as the salt pans of the Ponds of Santa Caterina and the Lagoon of Sant’Antioco.
However, even if Sant’Antioco is away from the tourist crowds, it also offers a number of attractions for you to enjoy your nightlife. The towns of Calasetta and Sant’Antioco, major centers in the island, offer a good selection of restaurants, bars and disco.

The island of Sant’Antioco has some historic sites that’s worth to visit. Among the most notable are the archaeological remains of pre-nuragic menhir, the giants’ graves, a Phoenician Punic tophet.
Also, the town of Calasetta boasts an innovative museum of contemporary art.

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