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How To Dress When Visiting Italy? Expert Advice from

What to wear when visiting Italy? Most of travelers feel that being under-dressed while visiting Italy — in comparison to well-dressed Italian people — is something to be concerned about.
In Italy, more than in any other country, clothes represent personality and social status. So, if you dress smart you get more respect when traveling in Italy.

A website,, delivers tips for you to look good and feel comfortable when visiting Italy.

That is not only about looking stylish. offers advice about the dressing rules you should follow when visiting churches and religious places, the best shoes to wear when walking on streets paved with cobblestones, how to pack light, how to look like a local and much more.

The website also includes a large shopping area offering great deals on clothes and travel accessories you need to buy to look stylish and feel comfortable when traveling to Italy.

Post Author: PrimeItaly Travel