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White Truffle Tips: A Trip to Italy in the Fall

Those who need to know more about the White Truffle, could consider a trip to Italy in the Fall. From October to December Italy offers a plenty of events, to taste, buy or know more about the White Truffle.

Countryside in the surroundings of Alba - Piedmont

A number of fairs and festivals related to this precious tuber take place in the major geographical truffle-producing areas.

At the truffle fairs you can meet selected hunters and get real deals. The major fairs held in Italy, come with special commissions responsible for checking the quality of truffles sold, to protect inexperienced buyers from frauds.

An example is the “Alba International White Truffle Fair“, held in the town of Alba, Piedmont — 2008 edition is from Oct, 4 to Nov, 9.
At “Alba International White Truffle Fair” you can also attend seminars (November and December) on “How to become a truffle taster” or attend truffle auctions (for details visit

In the Central Italy, major truffle fairs are held in Umbria, Marches and Tuscany.

The town of Acqualagna, in the Marches (view on the map), beginning Oct. 26, hosts its “Fiera Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco Pregiato di Acqualagna” — the National Acqualagna White Truffle Fair.

The Renaissance town of Città di Castello, in Umbria (view on the map), hosts the “Tartufo Bianco Fair” from November 7 through 9.

The town of San Miniato, in the inland countryside of Pisa, Tuscany (see on the map), celebrates its rare and precious tuber with the “Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo Bianco di San Miniato” — The National White Truffle of San Miniato Show, taking places in the week-ends of November. The event transforms this Tuscan town for the entire month of November into a huge open-air truffle tasting workshop.

These events offer also chances to taste a number of truffle-related produce and delicacies as long as great local wines.

As the White Truffle can only be found in a limited number of areas favoured by nature, with production being limited mostly to the months of October through December, visits to the select areas listed above in the Fall, offer you the best chance to get the best of the White Truffle.

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