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»» Touring Wineries in Tuscany

With wineries guided tours in Tuscany pretty expensive, a few tips on arranging a tour on your own could be useul.

– You have to rent a car (however that is also advised if you are visiting the countryside of Tuscany).
– Most of wineries require appointment.
– As few wineries offer tastings for free (altough purchasing a bottle is advised), most charge a fee (especially the small ones). Expect you to pay from 10 € to 60/70 €. They also serve you some food to accompany the wine.
– In the small and family run wineries you could find Italian speaking staff only.

By going on your own you also could enjoy a better treatment (i.e larger selection of wines and bigger glass) than going with guided large group tours.

For locating the wineries offering these services, you can also have a look to these guides, detailing wineries in two of the most-known wine areas: Chianti and Montalcino.

– For Chianti area (see the interactive map), check here .
– For Montalcino area (see the interactive map), check here

(Also see: ‘A Day in Montalcino‘(podcast), ‘Touring Brunello and Vino Nobile Land‘(podcast), ‘Wine Tour Tips: Chianti Area‘.

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