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»» Cinque Terre: Travel Tips and Video

For those few of you who don’t know the Cinque Terre, hopefully the following 9 minutes video will provide an explanation on why this area is regarded as on of the nicest places in Italy.

The video is about the five picturesques small villages built into the rocks between the beach and the hills along the coast of Liguria. Images of hiking trails, of daily life in the villages, of sheer rocky coastline and terraced hills sloping steeply down to the sea.

Below some travel tips for Cinque Terre visitors:
A Week Including Florence and the Coast; Cinque Terre vs Amalfi Coast; Day Trip to Cinque Terre; Two Days in the Cinque Terre, What’s Doing?; Cinque Terre: Parking Tips.

(via YouTube)

– See Cinque Terre on the interactive map.
Browse accommodations in the Cinque Terre area.

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