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»» Visiting Art Cities in Italy: Christmas Markets Guide

A quick guide for those who are visiting art cities in Italy this holiday season.

The Christmas markets are the places where in this time you can better get a taste of local Christmas traditions. Some advice on the most typical ones you could visit.

In Venice, the Christmas market of Campo Santo Stefano, historic square near the Accademia and the Palazzo Grassi, where you can buy typical hand-made Venetian products such as glass, lace, paper, perfumes, toys, cribs, frames and leather objects, as well as gastronomic products from all Italian regions.

In Naples, a Christmas village is being set up in the Chiaia district, where local artisans and craftsmen display their craft-making skills to visitors.

In Rome, the Christmas market in Piazza Navona is the most typical of the city, an ideal place to experience the flavour of the festivities in Rome.

The Christmas markets usually run through January 6, the Epifania day.

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