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A White Truffle Festival in Tuscany

Among the food specialities that only few — especially if non-Italians, have a chance to taste, there is the truffle. And even fewer when it comes to white truffle.
This valued tuber can only be found in a limited number of areas. In Italy, Tuscany and Piedmont are among the areas favoured by nature.

In Tuscany, the San Miniato hills is the zone where the white truffles are mostly found. Here the largest truffle ever found, weighing in at 2.520 grams, was presented to President of the United States Truman in 1954 with great fanfare.

The Tuscan town of San Miniato, also known as The City of Truffles, 40 km away from Florence, is hosting the White Truffle festival.
The festival, that runs through last three week-ends of November, give a chance to taste a very special white truffle and the many other local specialities.

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