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History, Beach and Mediterranean Diet in a City Carved into the Rock

Those who have seen the movie “The Passion of the Christ“, probably are familiar with an ancient city carved into the rocks located in the Southern Italy.

It’s Matera, best known as the ‘Town of Stones’ , so named after the main feature of the city, the “Sassi di Matera” — “the Matera’s stones“.
The town chosen as setting  for The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Matera - Click to enlarge view

It’s a real town, with its roads, homes and churches not built, but carved into the rock. It could happen you to walk on a roof as visiting a square as well as to go inside a mountain as crossing the threshold of a home.

Matera offers you a lot of wild nature, with its deep canyons and grottoes, history, with more than 120 ancient churches carved into the rock and beach with Adriatic and Ionian coasts just 25-30 miles away.
Matera, and the surrounding area, also offers a cuisine strictly bounded with Mediterranean Diet’s ingredients.

So, this unique city, 9,000 y.o., definitely deserves a visit, better if with a stay in an hotel carved into the rock.

– Travel Brief –

See Matera and Lucania on the map.

– Getting there
– By plane: Bari airport (50km away), connected with the main Italian and European hubs, including London Gatwick and Stansted, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Brussels… also served by the low-cost RyanAir.
– By train: Matera station, (around 6/7 hours from Rome) see timetable.
– By car: around 4/5 hours from Rome

– Accommodation
Accommodation in Lucania and in the Ionian coast

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