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‘Sagra’, a Way to Avoid Expensive Restaurants in Italy

If you happened to travel to the Italian countryside in Summer, you’d be familiar with the ‘sagra‘.
Sagra, is a street summer festival; any small town or village in Italy has its own sagra.

Sagra, or ‘festa del paese’ village’s feast, is slightly different from the historic festivals.

Food is central in the sagra. They are mainly a sort of culinary festivals.

In Italy, there is a sagra celebrating every item of gastronomy. Dishes celebrating local produce, cooked by local women, provide the justification to launch a sagra. And it’s a tasty and cheap food, accompanied by local wine, served on tables arranged in the main town’s square.
With a band playing folk music and people dancing the whole night.

Unfortunately, the sagra are not so well advertised, so visitors are not used to attend these festivals and miss so a chance to know that rural Italy that does not feature on travel guides.

More importantly, vacationers miss a chance to taste excellent wine and food and avoiding the expensive restaurants.
So definitely, it’s worth taking time to find local festivals; that also enables you to discover non touristy places across Italy.

Post Author: PrimeItaly Travel