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• Maschio Angioino (Angioino Castle) 
also called Castel Nuovo (New Castle), located on a side of Piazza Municipio, Maschio Angioino was built in the second half of the 13th cent. . Piazza Municipio

•Capodimonte Museum 
one of major museums in Naples. Via Miano, 2 - Parco di Capodimonte

• Parco di Capodimonte 
notable English-style garden.

• Catacombs of San Gennaro 
4th-c. cemetery complex where San Gennaro -- city's patron saint, was buried in. via di Capodimonte, 13

• Duomo  
the Cathedral, is the most important church in Naples (dates 4th cent.), current neo-Gothic appearance dates late 19th cent. Via Duomo

• National Archaeological Museum 
houses collections which really have everything to illustrate the ancient world in Southern Italy. Piazza Museo, 19

• Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) 
one of major sights in Naples, Royal Palace dominates with its harmonious structure Piazza del Plebiscito. It was erected in the 17th cent., however it was notably transformed from modifications and renovations carried out through the centuries. Piazza del Plebiscito

• Piazza del Plebiscito 

• Museum of San Gennaro's Treasure 
Via Duomo, 149

• San Gregorio Armeno 
church rebuilt during the second half of the 16th c., stores the relics of St Gregory. via S. Gregorio Armeno

• Sant'Anna dei Lombardi 
built in in 1414 on design inspired from the buildings in the Florence of the Medici. It contains so many works of art taht may be considered a real museum of the Reinaissance.

• San Domenico Maggiore 
Gothic style, started in 1282 (restoration neo-Gothic in the19th c. ). Piazza San Domenico


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