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Bologna Photo Gallery

• Civic Archaeological Museum 
houses find from the Villanovan culture, Etruscan- items from the necropolis of Felsina-, Greek, Roman, Egyptian. VIA DELL'ARCHIGINNASIO, 2

• Garisenda and Asinelli Towers 
these towers are one of the symbols of Bologna. Asinelli Tower, 97 mt. high was built it in 1109 (it offers a spectacular view over the city from the top). Piazza di Porta Ravegnana

• Neptune's fountain 
famous bronze sculpture, known as ‘the giant’, represents the god Neptune with his trident calming the sea. PIAZZA MAGGIORE

• Palazzo Comunale (city hall) 
constructed in several phases, oldest part dates 14th c. PIAZZA MAGGIORE 6

• Piazza Maggiore 
it has always been the focus of city's activities; the beginning dates from early 13th c., but it took two centuries to reach the current appearence. Here are the City Hall and the Basilica of San Petronio.

• Basilica of San Domenico 
example of late-Romanesque, the church was built by Dominicans between 1221 and 1233. PIAZZA S.DOMENICO 13

• Basilica of San Petronio 
dedicated to Bologna's patron saint, this church that dominates the south side of Piazza Maggiore, was started in 1390. PIAZZA MAGGIORE

• Santo Stefano 
one of most important complexes of religious buildings including various churches, the main one is the Chiesa del Crocifisso (Romanesque of 10th c.). PIAZZA SANTO STEFANO

• University 
it is the oldest university in Italy, it was founded in 1088. Via Zamboni, 30


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