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»» Wine Tours in Tuscany – Tips

Do it on your own vs guided tour (pros and cons).

Going on a tour with a driver could be very expensive ( 500 – 700 Euros a day). If you rent a car and go on your own you have more flexibility.

It would allow you to visit wineries on your own schedule and also touring the Tuscan countryside.

Sometimes tastings are free, sometimes they charge a small amount because they also serve you some food to pair the wine with.
If you go on your own you get a better treatment than the one guided large group tours get — i.e larger selection of wines and bigger glass.

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»» Wine Advice for First Time Italy Traveler

I am going to Italy for first time..Rome, Florence, Venice…I would like to taste Italian wines there…as I am pretty wine novice would prefer with little % alcohol.
What would you recommend?

As you state not being a wine expert and you will not opt for any wine tasting tour, the following general tips on drinking and buying wine in Italy could be helpful.

- Where to taste wine

Look for Enoteca where wine by the glass is served along light meals. Ask them to suggest a wine to match the food.

I would suggest you to ask the house wine (cheaper wines made locally, labelled as being typical of the region you are visiting) which you can usually order by 1/4, or 1/2 liter. Ask your waiter for a taste; usually you’ll be able to choose among red or white, dry or sweet wines.

- What wines to taste
A few general tips for non experts. Again, my suggestion is to drink the wine local to the region you are visiting.
In Florence and generally in Tuscany , Chianti, Nobile di Montepulciano, Brunello di Montalcino just to name a few among the Tuscany’s great wines.

In Venice and in Veneto region, try Valpolicella, a wine sweet and fruity, suitable choice for a wine novice.

In Rome the most appreciated local wines are whites, such as Frascati (“Vini dei castelli”) and Orvieto.

If your stay in Italy will be in November try the Novello, a sweet and fruity wine, made from the grapes that were just harvested. You’ll be able to taste it, after November 6.

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»» Traveling to Italy in November: Quick Tips

Traveling to Italy in November is definitely a good choice. However most of people opting for visiting the Belpaese in November is worried about the climate and things to do in this month.
Below basic points why you should consider a trip to Italy in November.

- Weather

Even though climate varies slightly from North to South, it is mild and moist, but not so much rainy; sunshine days are not rare.

- Price

November is definitely a good option to avoid high season prices and crowds.

- Things to do

In November you can also enrich your holiday with wine and culinary tours and experiences better than what you can in other seasons.
You will be able to attend to the many Oil of Olive tasting and festivals scheduled across the country in November.
Umbria and Tuscany are two of the regions where most part of these events are held, due to the excellent quality of the oil they produce.

See accommodation in Tuscany.
See accommodation in Umbria.

In November don’t miss the Vino Novello tasting; you’ll be able to buy this new season wine after November 6 only.

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