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»» The Palio of Ferrara

Dubbed as the oldest “Palio” in the world, held since 1259, the Palio of Ferrara is more than others, a Renaissance festival.

It remembers a time – in the Renaissance, that was the most important time for the arts and culture for the city of Ferrara.

The week-long celebrations end the last Sunday of May with the Palio, a contest entailing four historic horse races in Piazza Ariostea.

It’s worth a visit. You’ll know one of the gems of Italian Renaissance.

When: Last Sunday of May (the race is scheduled at 4pm)
Where: Ferrara

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»» Palio of Ferrara

Next Sunday, May 25, the city of Ferrara (Emilia Romagna), hosts its annual Palio festival.

The Palio of Ferrara, with its first edition dating back to 1259, is the oldest in the world.
It features four races. The Corsa dei Putti, dedicated to San Romano, Corsa delle Putte, dedicated to St. Paul, Corsa delle Asine, or Palio of St. Maurelius, and the most prestigious of all, the Corsa dei Cavalli, or the tournament of St. George.

When: May 25, 2008 (annual)
Where: Ferrara (Emilia Romagna)
For details visit Palio di Ferrara website (

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»» Historic Festivals in Emilia-Romagna: The Palio di Ferrara

Beginning May 20, the renaissance city of Ferrara will host its annual medieval tournament: “The Palio di Ferrara“.

It’s said, this Palio which has taken place since 1259, is the oldest in the world. The tradition was uninterrupted until 1860, and only great wars or natural disasters have ever prevented it taking place.

On May 20, it will take place the historical procession with about 1000 people (ladies, lords, warriors, musicians) wearing typical Ferrara costumes of the 15th century.
On May 27, day of the contest, four separate races are run on the historical Piazza Ariostea.
For full details, visit the Palio di Ferrara website

- See Ferrara on the interactive map.
- Find accommodations in Emilia-Romagna.

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