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»» Palio della Balestra in Gubbio

The city of Gubbio concludes its month devoted to historic events, by hosting the “Palio della Balestra” (Crossbow Tournament) on Sunday, May 27.


The Palio della Balestra is a crossbow contest between the medieval towns of Gubbio and Sansepolcro (Tuscany), with also parades in medieval costume taking place during the day.
The crossbow was a medieval weapon of tremendous power; its first mention in Italy dates back to 1139.

Gubbio is the most appropriate location to host a crossbow contest, as in this town there is also the major factory of medieval weapon drawing tourists from all over the world.
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»» Palio della Balestra: Gubbio vs Sansepolcro

On Sunday September 10, Sansepolcro, a Tuscan city located close to Northern border of Umbria, will host the Palio della Balestra.

The Palio della Balestra is a 5 century tournament old, where the host city Sansepolcro compete with the city of Gubbio in a medieval crossbow contest. Parades in medieval costume will taking place during the day.

This Palio is the second leg of the contest held in Gubbio in May.

Sansepolcro, is a medieval center located close to the Tiber’s springs; Gubbio, in Umbria, is one of the historic centers most known and visited in Italy.

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