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»» Historic Festivals in Umbria: Medieval Tournament in Narni

Narni - Umbria

Those who are visiting Rome in May, have the chance to attend an impressive medieval festival in the hill town of Narni, just one hour train ride from the eternal city.

Narni hosts “La Corsa all’Anello” — “The Ring Race” — the second Sunday of May. It is a medieval tournament dating back to 1371.

A day trip from Rome to this important historic hill town on the festival day will offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 14th century.

When: second Sunday of May (annual);
Where: Narni (directions by Train: take Roma-Ancona route, stop at Narni-Amelia station).
Find out the festival program at

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»» Rome Day Trip Ideas: Narni, Umbria

Narni, historic town in Umbria, is one of the many destinations to be considered when you plan a day trip from Rome.

This hill-top town, just one hour train ride from the eternal city, has a lot of historic sites to offer.

In the early of of May Narni hosts a historic festival, “Corsa all’Anello” — the Ring Race, which offers visitors a chance to experience an authentic Medieval atmosphere.
Historical processions, Medieval sounds and colours. art exhibitions, folk shows, and concerts for a week.

The festival reaches the climax in the last three days (usually the second week-end of the month) when also the Medieval tournament takes place.

When: May 9 – 10 (annual, 2nd week-end of May) (For details, visit festival website:
Where: Narni (Umbria)

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»» Medieval Festival in Narni, Umbria

The historic town of Narni, Umbria, is hosting its annual medieval festival, the “Corsa all’Anello” — the Ring Race.

Narni historic festival - coutresy of

During the festival days the atmosphere of 14° century is being recreated in this hill town, with medieval sounds and colours evrywhere in the squares and streets. Medieval taverns, open for the festival, offer Umbrian specialties and wine in abundance.

The climax of the festival is on Saturday and Sunday (2nd week-end of May) when historical parades and a medieval tournament are taking place (the Ring Race is held Sunday afternoon).

Narni is in Umbria, just one hour by train away from Rome. So, it could also be an option for a day trip from Rome.

When: May 10 – 11 (annual, 2nd week-end of May) (For details, visit festival website:
Where: Narni (Umbria)
- View Narni on the map.
- Find accommodations in Umbria.

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»» Historic Festivals in Umbria: The Ring Race in Narni

A town in Umbria, not so well known that definitely is worth a visit, is Narni. Narni is a medieval jewel and has lot to offer to tourists.

An occasion to visit Narni, it is its upcoming medieval festival, held in this city the second Sunday of May, The Ring Race (“La Corsa all’Anello”).

The tournament concludes two weeks of excitement and celebrations, in which the whole town dresses up and returns to the 14th century.
Historic processions, medieval sounds and colours, art exhibitions, and folk shows transform the town into a medieval picture. here

- See Narni on the interactive map.
- Find accommodations in Umbria.

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