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»» Assisi Calendimaggio – Medieval Festivals in Italy

The historic town of Assisi, Umbria, hosts its medieval festival, the Calendimaggio, early of May.
The Calendimaggio is a three days festival with medieval song, balladry, dances, archery, crossbow and flag-waving displays.
It offers a very unique chance to experience an authentic medieval atmosphere while visiting one of most impressive historic sites in the world.

Below’s a video of Calendimaggio festival.

when: May 6 – 8, 2010 (annual)
where: Assisi (Umbria)
Details and schedule of Calendimaggio festival are available at

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»» Historic Festivals in Italy: Calendimaggio in Assisi

The historic town of Assisi, in Umbria, one of the better-known medieval jems of Italy, offers in early May the show of “Festa del Calendimaggio“.

It’s one of the major medieval festivals in Italy.

Medieval costume parades, archery, crossbow and flag-waving displays recreate an authentic medieval atmosphere offering visitors of Assisi a very unique experience for more than a week.

However the major events of the festival are held the last three days — for 2009 edition, from May 7 to 9.
You can find programme details at

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»» Calendimaggio Festival in Assisi


The “Festa of Calendimaggio“, held in Assisi, Umbria, is one of the major medieval festivals in Italy.

With medieval costume parades, archery, crossbow and flag-waving displays, Assisi offers visitors a unique medieval experience during the Calendimaggio days.

The 2008 festival starts April 30, however the major parades and events are taking place from May 8 to 10.
(see the programme on the festival website:

Here a video of Assisi.
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»» Best Season To Visit Assisi

A lot of people who have never visited Assisi, ask us if it is possible traveling by train from Florence to Assisi, visiting the town, and traveling on to Rome all in one day.

Assisi by night

No, you definitely need more than a day to experience all that Assisi has to offer, so you shouldn’t rush that. Assisi is a delightful town preserving a lot of original feel. You will enjoy walking the narrow streets, see lovely small courtyards and visiting lots of churches.

- What’s the best season to visit the town?

For the crowds and the prices, keep in mind that offseason is after Christmas festivities season (January 6th, Ephifany), until mid-late April (and more generally until Easter).
Offseason starts again after St. Francis Day (October 4th) through mid December. Assisi has a huge festival first week of May, the Calendimaggio.
However you could reasonably say Assisi is not so touristy (with crowds) all year round, except for the major festivities.

- See Assisi on the interactive map.
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»» Medieval Festivals in Umbria: Calendimaggio Kicks Off in Assisi

If you happen to visit Umbria early May, it is not to be missed the Calendimaggio festival in Assisi. And also if you are visiting Tuscany or Rome it’s worth taking a day trip to Assisi in these days.

An authentic medieval atmosphere is recreated in Assisi during the Calendimaggio days.
This festival takes the form of a ritual song and balladry contest between the upper and lower districts of the city, with medieval costume parades, archery, crossbow and flag-waving displays.

The 2007 edition takes place from April 27 through May 5 (with most of the performances concentrated on May 3, 4, 5).  For the festival schedule visit the Calendimaggio official website

- See Assisi on the (interactive map).
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