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 Events in: April

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Sicily-Easter Sunday----->Prizzi
"Dance of the Devils"
On Easter Sunday, in Prizzi, Sicily, a Dance of the Devils is performed by villagers wearing terrifying iron masks. More...
Tuscany-Easter Sunday morning----->Florence
"The Explosion of the Cart"
On Easter Sunday morning in Florence. More...
Veneto-2nd or 3rd Sunday of April----->Venice
"Su e Zo per i Ponti"
Annual non competitive walk in Venice. The track passes trhough 42 bridges. More...
Veneto-April 25----->Venice
"Blooming Rose Festival"
Venetians males use to gift a red rose to their beloved. More...
Veneto-early March up to June 15----->Treviso Altamarca
"Prosecco Doc Festival"
Festival featuring Prosecco wine shows held in the week-ends in the production zone of Prosecco wine. More...
Veneto-Late March-Early April----->Verona
The most important wine and spirit exhibition in Italy. More...

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