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Also known as Lucania since old times, this small Southern region offers a variety of landscapes, ranging from the coastline on the Ionian sea (South-East) and on the Tyrrhenian sea (South-West) to the mountains in the center with peaks rising above 2,000 mt.
Also a number of historically important sites draw visitors to Lucania. The uniqueness and beauty of The Sassi of Matera plays a major role for the tourism in Lucania.
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-Matera- Matera offers one of the most fascinating sites in Italy: The Sassi. Labyrinths of houses built into the rock, it is a place inhabited from time immemorial. With its numerous grottoes it was the ideal place for the prehistoric man. As time went by, canals to bring water into the grottoes were dug, dwellings and churches were built in the rock and on their roof, roads and other houses, making of The Sassi a town carved into the rock. Find out more of The Sassi of Matera....
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-Potenza- Capital of region, Potenza with its 819 mt. altitude, is the highest regional capital of Italy. Its old part, preserves a number of churches of great interest, some of them heavily damaged by a disastrous earthquake in 1980, were restored. Notable are The Duomo of San Gerardo (the Cathedral) built in the 12th cent. and heavily renovated in the 18th cent., the Church of San Francesco, built in 1274, the Romanesque church of San Michele (11th-12th centuries), and Palazzo Loffredo, a 17th century noble residence.

-Maratea- Major seaside resort, it's located on the Tyrrhenian coastline.

Natural sights

Sea: the Tyrrhenian coast with its famous resort of Maratea and the Ionian coast.
Mountains: Lucan Appenine; here forests are alternated with ridges and with gorges that could be small canyons.
Lucania also offers a number of Parks and Nature Reserves, such as Bosco Pantano di Policoro and Abetina di Laurenzana, just to name a few.

Cultural, Gastronomic and more...

Winter Sports: three major resorts, La Sellata-Pierfaone, the Sacred Mount of Viggiano, Mount Sirino, nearby the main regional city Potenza.
Seaside: the region offers appreciated resorts both on the Tyrrhenian coastline and Ionian coastline.


Things To Do & Travel Tips:

» The Sassi of Matera: a City Carved Into the Rock

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